What Services We Offer

Our service offerings include audit and assurance, accounting, tax and regulatory, Inventory management, business advisory for domestic businesses of all sizes. We offer a range of solutions which are ideal, practical, innovative and at par with the best that our clients would expect.

Tax and Regulatory
Direct Taxes
Direct taxation in Uganda broadly refers to the Income Tax and other taxes which involve personal tax, VAT, PAYE, and capital gains tax. We offer services in each of the above mentioned areas of tax and regulatory compliance.
Tax Strategy and Compliance
Our endeavor is to formulate an ideal tax strategy for our clients which is compliant with the law, legitimately reduces the tax bills and yet is not prone to invite litigation. Our specialist tax partners have a responsibility to ensure that the clients’ tax bill is optimised and they do not pay any unnecessary taxes. This involves a complete understanding of the ever changing tax laws which offer innumerable tax optimisation opportunities in the form of deductions, exemptions and claims for losses and expenses. Coupled with an intimate understanding of the clients business and structure the potential tax strategies are formulated, discussed and finalised to minimise the tax bills and having said so, we also recognise the fact that the tax strategy should not be overly aggressive and should not increase clients’ tax risks so as to plunge them into protracted litigation. Our tax teams constantly monitor the development of jurisprudence, the statutory pronouncements and the amendments in tax laws which invariably have far reaching consequences on the clients’ tax strategies. Our knowledge plays a pivotal role in tax planning, advisory and compliance services. Our regulatory compliance services ensure that the clients attain a high level of stringent tax law compliances.
Audit and Assurance

Our audit and assurances service offerings are based on a complete understanding of the clientsʼ business specifics, industry peculiarities and the applicable laws. The audit approach is based on
the compliance issues, the nature and requirement for audit, the clientsʼ requirement and key risk issues involved.
Our audit and assurance solutions range from statutory audits, internal audits, tax audits, management audits, concurrent audits etc. The audit deliverables range from reporting for statutory compliances to enhancing the clientsʼ business financial and operational performance.

Statutory Audits

We conduct statutory and regulatory compliance audits for filing of annual or periodic financial results. Statutory audits are aimed at achieving compliance with regulations, assessing the strength of controls, confirmation of accounting treatments of recorded transactions, independent review of reported information and preparation of accountants reports.

Tax Audits

We are projecting to annually serve over fifty clients in the area of tax audit under various provisions of the tax laws. Amongst the firmsʼ tax auditee clients will be medium corporations and
small businesses, partnership firms, non-profit organisations and high net worth individuals. The firm has dedicated audit teams that specialise in conducting the audits effectively and diligently.

Internal Audit

The internal audits are conducted with varying client requirements but essentially the objective thereof is to provide assurance on controls and processes.

Corporate Law Services
SKA offers corporate law and secretarial services in fields ranging from incorporation of corporate entities, assistance in maintaining prescribed records, convening and conducting meetings of the Board of Directors and Shareholders, statutory filings with the company house, advising and representing the clients in corporate litigation at Company Law Board matters through an in-house qualified company secretary.

SKA offers multi-disciplinary advisory services to clients in its main areas of practice i.e. Taxation and regulatory, audit and assurance and company law. Besides, the firm also offers advisory solutions on partnership and LLP laws.

Our advisory service deliverables are based on gaining an understanding of clients’ queries, thorough research on the subject, in-house threadbare discussions on all possible solutions, considering myriad options, application of knowledge and past experience on the issues and providing an informed opinion on the query.
Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services
The finance and accounting processes of businesses are getting complex and challenging with more and more regulatory pronouncements and standards coming into effect. Corporates are outsourcing various finance and accounting processes with a view to streamline respective processes and obtain consistency, uniformity and stronger controls.

We at SKA offer accounting and related processes services to clients who either do not wish to create their own capabilities or are looking for competitive and professional solutions to their accounting and related processes. A large number of clients prefer to outsource various accounting and related processes in order to save on costs and they avoid taking responsibility of engaging multi-level full time finance and accounting professionals. Our approach to outsourced assignments involves gaining a complete understanding of clients’ requirements which forms the bedrock of the assignment implementation plan, designing process plan, assessing resource requirements, deploying adequate resources, performing the desired functions, constant monitoring by Team leaders, generating client deliverables and timely client reporting. All engagements are led by a Partner to ensure quality assurance.
Forensic Accounting

At SKA, we assist with complex accounting and reporting that arise from situations occurring outside the normal course of business, including; Fraud and complex financial investigations, Audit and special committee investigations, and Regulatory

Inventory Management and Valuation
Inventory management is vital to an organisation’s health because it helps make sure there is rarely too much or too little stock on hand, limiting the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records. Inventory management saves you money and allows you to fulfil your clients’ needs. In other words, it enables successful cost control of operations. Knowing what you have, what is in your warehouse, and how to manage the supply chain properly is the backbone of any organization dealing with large amounts of supplies.

The fact is Inventory typically represents a large portion of the assets of any organisation that sells or supplys physical items, so it’s important to measure its value in a consistent manner. At Ssekitto, Kaimanda & Co. Associates, we provide a clear understanding of inventory valuation that can help maximize profitability/efficiency and also we ensure your organization can accurately represent the value of inventory on its financial statements.
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